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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kerry Hilliard of Rikki's Refuge animal sanctuary on Indy Media Live!

Hey Listeners! If you're a long time fan of Indy Media Live, you will recognize Kerry Hilliard as being one of our favorite guests to have on the show. Tune in to hear what Kerry and the animals at Rikki's have been up to! And don't forget that the animals at Rikki's love visitors! Just remember to bring a few cans of cat food to help feed them all!

for more information please visit

Sept 13: Ralph Nader at Newcombe hall at UVA (7pm)
Sept 19: Richmond Peace Fest
Sept 25: Veg Fest (11am - 4pm)

And tune in next week for Ralph Nader and the people's alliance for clean energy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CEO Richard Conti and Katie Gantt of the Science Museum of Virginia on Indy Media Live!

Richard Conti’s path to becoming Science Museum of Virginia Director and CEO includes stints along the way as a Navy Top Gun F-14 Flight Officer, Assistant to the City Manager in Norfolk, Executive Director of Nauticus – the National Maritime Center. Now at the Science Museum he discovered gardening while planning the Green Acre Farm project.

Katie Gantt studied English and print journalism in college, earning degrees in both at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has gardened since she was a child and the Science Museum of Virginia’s Green Acre Farm is her first time gardening/farming on this scale.

Check out today's show to hear what Richard and Katie have to say about local gardens and upcoming Science Museum news! For more information on the Science Museum or Local Gardening, please visit or visit them at 2500 west broad street!

Tune in next week to hear Kerry Hilliard, founder and executive directer of Rikki's Refuge! (

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Author and Attorney Sylvia Clute on Indy Media Live!

Tune in to hear author and attorney Sylvia Clute discuss restorative justice and the american justice system here on Indy Media Live!

please visit Sylvia's new blog at for more information or shoot us a line at!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

President of the Arab American Association of Virginia on Indy Media Live!

Tune in to this weeks episode of Indy Media Live to hear Jameel Abed of the arab american association in VA talk about foreign relations concerning Palistine and Isreal.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art 180 and Johnny z Fest on Indy Media Live!

Tune in to hear about art 180 and johnny Z Fest (as well as an awesome drum solo by an up and coming superstar!). For more information, visit:

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