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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Russian Nuclear experts Natalia Manzurova and Dr. Nataliya Mironova on Indy Media Live!

Three Russian experts with firsthand experience of the Chernobyl reactor tragedy and other Russian radiological disasters have arrived in the U.S. for the start of a pre-arranged informational tour organized by Beyond Nuclear. The speakers – Chernobyl “liquidator” Natalia Manzurova; prominent anti-nuclear leader, Dr. Nataliya Mironova part of a national U.S. tour commemorating the 25th commemoration of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. The Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe began with the explosion at Chernobyl Unit 4 reactor on April 26, 1986, which then burned for ten days, lofting large amounts of hazardous radioactivity into the atmosphere. They plan to share their Chernobyl and experiences in light of the nuclear power and radioactive waste crisis now unfolding in Japan.
Natalia Manzurova is a survivor, involved directly in the Chernobyl “liquidation” process for five years, and today advocates for the rights of victims of radiation exposure internationally.

Natalia Manzurova was a lead engineer in cleaning up the consequences of the accident at Chernobyl atomic power station for over 5 years. Three years after returning from Chernobyl, her work as an engineer at a Russian nuclear facility was interrupted by a serious illness caused by radiation. In 1997 she organized the Chernobyl Union non-profit to defend the rights of the victims of radiation exposure. She also works at the Planet of Hope to advocate for the rights of people exposed to radiation, such as liquidators of radiation accidents and catastrophes, nuclear weapons test site workers, people living in radioactively contaminated areas, and workers in nuclear power and weapons facilities. Natalia is the author of numerous articles on radiation ecology, and she speaks at international scientific conferences and collaborates with international environmental and human rights organizations on radiation issues.

Dr. Nataliya Mironova is a prominent leader in the human rights and anti-nuclear environmental movements in Russia. She founded the Movement for Nuclear Safety and was one of the first organizers to press for government openness on pre-Chernobyl nuclear catastrophes. Through her work in regional Parliament, she made public information on the 500,000 victims affected by the activities of the first plutonium production in Russia and on the catastrophes in the Mayak plutonium production plant, including a 1957 radioactive waste explosion that contaminated a vast region with hazardous radioactivity. As a Member of the Supreme Environmental Council of the Russian State Parliament from 1997-2006, she organized broad public discussions for federal referendums on radioactive waste issues. In 2002, Nataliya won in the Supreme Court case against the Government of Russia to stop the import of 370 tons of Hungarian high-level radioactive waste for storage and reprocessing (plutonium extraction) in Russia. An author of several books and over 70 articles, she has examined the roots of nuclear weapons proliferation and the role of non-governmental organizations in abolishing Weapons of Mass Destruction, particularly nuclear weaponry. She advocates for public participation in governance to promote environmental justice and human rights.


- Kennel Improvement Project - Saturday April 2 BARKVA.ORG

New kennel panels and gates are on site for replacing all the old standard chain link kennels in the front room. Volunteers will be needed for many aspects of this activity.

The change out will occur at the same time the Saturday crew is cleaning so a lot of dogs will need to be temporarily occupied by attending the Short Pump adoption stand, long walks, play pens and temporary kenneling or crating.

Volunteers will be needed to help load the vehicles going to the adoption stand. Some folks might accompany the adoption team to assist at the stand.

Some workers will be asked to dismantle the old chain link kennels and move the salvageable panels to either the left side of the building or to the rear kennel. Panels that should be trashed will be moved down near the front gate.

Other workers will utilize a number of the salvaged panels to upgrade a number of deteriorating kennels in row 6 and 7. This too requires the temporary holding of the dogs in those kennels.

Yet others will be erecting the new kennels.
You can contact Bob Adams at

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paul Gunter on Indy Media Live!

For more information please visit:


Another Peaceful Anti-Fur Protest!

Upcoming Event
Written by Laura
Monday, 14 March 2011 17:11
When: Saturday, March 26 • 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Where: 1515 North Parham Road, Richmond, VA

Millions of animals each year die for the vanity of fur. she will bring vegan cupcakes, so be there or be square!

Call your member of Congress @ (877) 264-4226

Then put on your party hat and join us at one of our birthday celebrations next week!

Tuesday, March 22, 6:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m.
Forum, The Affordable Health Care Law: A Year Old and A Century in the Making
With Joanne Grossi, Regional Director of Health and Human Services, Dr. Mark Ryan and Jill Hanken of the Virginia Poverty Law Center
The General Assembly Building, Senate Room B, 910 Capitol Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Karen Davis, Andrea Miller and Tam "Talking Forrest" Evans on Indy Media Live!

The VA Dept. of Environmental Quality Office of Environmental Impact
Review will accept comments regarding environmental concerns
associated with Dominion's application to build a 3rd nuclear reactor at Lake Anna until March 18. This is an opportunity to speak out against North Anna Unit 3. Please send your emails to:

Here are a few good talking points:

1) There is insufficient water in the watershed to support a third
reactor given recurring drought cycles we've been experiencing in Central VA.

2) Lake temperatures have been recorded over 89 degrees F and up to
104 degrees F. Water in the Lake is used to cool the reactors and
Dominion treats a portion of the Lake as a waste heat treatment
facility. This is illegal under the Clean Water Act as the Lake is
"surface waters of the United States." Currently there is a lawsuit scheduled to be heard in the VA Supreme Court regarding this issue.
Why the hurry to permit a third reactor when the first two remain in
noncompliance of Federal legislation?

3) Downstream impacts on the North Anna, Pamunkey and York Rivers due to increased water use to cool a third reactor have not been studied.

4) State and federal agencies are allowing Dominion to apply for permits with a piecemeal approach. There is little or no coordination. The big picture is not addressed. At the least VDEQ should require a water management system that balances the water requirements of the Lake residents with those of communities and agricultural interests
downstream and which does not negatively impact downstream flora and

6) Dominion switched to a Pressurized Water Reactor (from a Boiling Water Reactor) in its Construction and Operating License application last June. This change should require a new environmental assessment.

7) Finally, the earthquake in Japan and the resulting breach to the Fukushima nuclear reactor containment building, the possibility of meltdown and the continuing release of radioactivity is cause for alarm. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and VDEQ permits and certifications need to be put on hold until the environmental impacts associated with the Japanese reactor are evaluated and understood.

For more information, please contact Elena Day at (434) 296-2494.


Hunting Bears!?

The public has another month to comment on proposed changes to hunting and trapping regulations, including the creation of a license to hunt bear.
The Board of Game and Inland Fisheries is proposing to establish a special license to hunt bears, which would cost $25 for residents and $150 for nonresidents.
The board also has proposed several other changes to hunting and trapping laws.
That public comment period runs through April 15.
Wildlife biologists with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries will host a series of public input meetings across the state.
Citizens also can find the proposals and comment on them at the department's website.
Revenue, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Public Input Meeting

Date: March 23, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
4010 West Broad Street
Purpose: Accept public input regarding proposed increases in certain license fees, and proposed changes to hunting and trapping regulations for 2011-12
Staff Contact: Glen Askins, 804-829-6580,


Today at 5:30pm: Defend the Dream Rally at Monroe Park in front of the Landmark Theater (

Saturday, March 19
Pre-event briefing
8:30-10:30 am
St. Stephen’s Church, 1525 Newton Street NW (corner of 16th)

12:00 pm, Lafayette Park, H and 16th Streets NW
Speakers: Elliott Adams begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting Chantelle Bateman, Brian Becker, Medea Benjamin, Zachary Choate, Ryan Endicott, Ayesha Fleary, Chris Hedges, Kathy Kelly, Mike Malloy, Michael McPhearson, Caneisha Mills, Ralph Nader, Debra Sweet, Ann Wright, Kevin Zeese

Civil Resistance at the White House
1:00 pm

For more detailed information email

Housing will be available Saturday night at St. Stephen’s Church, 1525 Newton Street NW (corner of 16th Street). You must leave the church by 7 am Sunday morning. Anyone staying at the church must be respectful of whatever else may be going on there at the time.

You will need a sleeping bag. There are no secure provisions for leaving belongings at St. Stephen’s. If you need to leave personal belongings somewhere, we will have a room at the Harrington Hotel for that. More details later.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marlene Blackburn and Paige Collier on Indy Media Live!

For more information about the Richmond ferret rescue please visit

Va Governor Has Not Yet Signed Cruel Farm Animal Bills in to Law
VA SB 1026 and HB 1541 Would Legalize Total Cruelty to Farm Animals. The Gov. has not yet acted. Still Time to Call, email, fax Gov. McDonnell today to Voice your Opinion!
Contact Governor McDonnell ASAP through his website at:
Phone: (804) 786-2211. Fax: (804) 371-6351
Quick Background : Two bills were quietly pushed through the Virginia General Assembly and sent to Gov. Robert McDonnell for his signature. If enacted, the proposed legislation will effectively relieve farm animal owners (farmers and corporations) of all humane care obligations. It will be legal for owners to deprive their animals of food and water right up the point of “emaciation” and “dehydration.” Farm animal owners will be exempt from providing shelter for their animals in bad weather (“an act of God”) and will be legally permitted to hurt and neglect farm animals so long as the abuse is a “customary” farming practice. A Senate amendment that would have allowed for prosecution of a person for “depriving an agricultural animal of necessary food, drink, shelter or emergency veterinary treatment” was REJECTED!
At this writing, SB 1026 and HB 1541 are sitting on Gov. McDonnell’s desk for his signature. HELP STOP THAT SIGNATURE! Urge Gov. to VETO SB 1026 & HB 1541.
Note : On February 6, 2011, Virginia resident Marianne Roberts published a letter in The Daily Progress, “Bill weakens animal cruelty law,” and on February 7 The Daily Progress published an editorial, “Bill starves protections for animals.” These can be read at and
On February 24, 2011, UPC president Karen Davis published a letter in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “New Bills Will Endanger Farm Animals”:


Whistleblower Bradley Manning’s Legal Defense Fundraiser featuring recording artists Emma’s Revolution, DOJ Whistleblower Jesselyn Raddack, Kevin Zeese of Bradley Manning Support Network, and Folk singer Perry King. This event will also feature a Silent Auction with all proceeds going to the Bradley Manning Legal Defense Fund ( In late May 2010, Private First Class Bradley Manning, stationed in Baghdad, was arrested, suspected of providing the “Collateral Murder” video to WikiLeaks. Bradley is a whistleblower. He has been in solitary confinement since June 2010. He has been charged with violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice, including eight criminal offenses and four non-criminal violations of Army regulations.

2021 14th St
NW DC 20009
(202) 387-7638

Noon Peace Rally at Lafayette Square and March on the White House

Washington, D.C.

DC on Saturday, March 19, 2011 for the Invasion of Iraq Anniversary. This is an annual event that has continued from the beginning of the war. It has been held in different locations and venues around Washington, DC. Veterans for Peace will be staging a peaceful sit-in at the White House to protest our continuing wars.

Speakers for this event:
Ralph Nader, Elliott Adams, Mike Ferner, Chris Hedges,
Caneisha Mills, and Ann Wright, among others.

Theme: Resist the War Machine! On the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, as the occupation and U.S. war-making continue unabated, we call for another massive veteran-led civil resistance at the White House. Join us! Veterans For Peace and ●

Endorsed by (list in formation): ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK, Courage to Resist, Delaware Valley Veterans for America, March Forward!, Movement for a Democratic Society, National Assembly, Peace Action, Peace Action Montgomery, Peace of the Action, Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Against the War, United for Peace and Justice, United National Antiwar Committee, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, War Crimes Times, War Resisters League, Washington Peace Center, Witness Against Torture, World Can’t Wait

Bring your pets inside when its cold!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gary Francione on Indy Media Live!

Gary Francione is an American legal scholar. He is the Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law & Philosophy at Rutgers School of Law-Newark.

Francione is known for his work on animal rights theory, and was the first academic to teach it in an American law school. His work has focused on three issues: the property status of animals, the differences between animal rights and animal welfare, and a theory of animal rights based on sentience alone, rather than on any particular characteristics.

He is a pioneer of the abolitionist theory of animal rights, arguing that animal welfare regulation is theoretically and practically unsound, serving only to prolong the status of animals as property by making the public feel comfortable about using them. He argues that non-human animals require only one right: the right not to be regarded as property, and that the moral baseline of the abolitionist approach is veganism, the rejection of the use of all animal products. Francione accepts the tenets of Jainism, and particularly the Jaina doctrine of non-violence, or Ahimsa, linking it to veganism and animal rights. It is this belief in non-violence that makes him non-supportive of violent protest. Francione believes that animal rights can and should be achieved through non-violent direct action alone.


Noon Peace Rally at Lafayette Square and March on the White House

Location: Washington, D.C.

Theme: Resist the War Machine! On the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, as the occupation and U.S. war-making continue unabated, we call for another massive veteran-led civil resistance at the White House. Join us! Veterans For Peace and ●

Saturday, March 19, 2011 for the Invasion of Iraq Anniversary. This is an annual event that has continued from the beginning of the war. Veterans for Peace will be staging a peaceful sit-in at the White House to protest our continuing wars. Please join us!

Speakers for this event:
Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, Ann Wright, among others.